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hiya guys i posted on here a month or so ago about combivent being discontinued.found atrovent and it works.?
posted on here a month or more ago about combivent and had some great suggestions as a replacement.and thanks to you guys tried atrovent and it works great alone without the salbutemol side of the combivent.thanks to all who answered.
steve m
  This is a very useful feature in yahoo, I have had the best suggestions and solutions to problems and have learned many things, too.
is Combivent inhaler for children as young as four?
My friend was prescribed by his pediatrician Combivent inhaler for the use of a bronchial infection for his four year old son (with the use of antibiotics as well). From what I know its used to treat patients with COPD. Is this a good medication to give a four year old?
lorena c
  Yes, it's fine to give to a 4 year old, but should be supervised by an adult. Use as the physician instructed.

There is only one standard dose of Combivent® (ipratropium and albuterol inhaler), regardless of your weight, age, or other medical conditions.

Combivent is a combination of Albuterol and Ipatropium to relieve bronchospasm in asthma patients. With COPD patients that have reversible symptoms, it can be used for emphysema or bronchitis.
what are the nursing responsibilities for patient under combivent nebulization?
-nursing managements for patients taking combivent used as nebulization.
sabrina p
  Mostly check the heart rate before and after the treatment. And to be sure the patient is taking the treatment correctly. Also teaching about how to clean the nebulizer.
What are the alternatives to "SPIRIVA"? COPD?
My wife Has COPD and SPIRIVA is very Expensive we can not offer to buy , our Doctor gave us 'COMBIVENT ' as alternative but they no longer import this Med to where we live which is in Jordan . and the Doctor said its either Spiiva or Combivent no other way .. So dose anyone has other Suggestion . Thx
  like spiriva of course there is no other drug... can also use for COPD symbicort, atrovent!!! it will help as well..slow down the disease and provide relief from symptoms.
I have heart pulpatations Im taking medication for it I want to know if using combivent inhaler would cause heart pulpatations? I also have emphazema? please answer my question
What's best for COPD patients, regular aerosol pump, Combivent or Flovent?
There seems to be a difference between them, of course. And someone in my family has used them at one point or another. But always prefers the regular aerosol can, which I think is 17g. Of this she was supposed to use two puffs twice a day. But being a person in her eighties already, is stubborn enough to want to use it as many times as she feels she needs it. And finally doctor prescribed more doses. With doctor prefering she'd use the nebulizer more still, or Combivent or Flovent.

Anyone out there who feels the same as her? What has worked better for you?
  I have asthma and I take Advair 500/50 once a day and use my Salbutamol/Albuterol inhaler whenever I get short of breath (no more than four times a day).

A good drug program for someone with COPD on Flovent and Combivent would be Advair and Spiriva with a Salbutamol/Albuterol rescue inhaler. Advair (Flovent and Serevent) can be in a discus or an inhaler. Spiriva is only available as a dry powder inhaler but is only taken once a day. Salbutamol/Albuterol is basically a generic rescue inhaler. This arrangement would mean that a person would take their Advair and Spiriva in the morning, Advair in the evening, and use their rescue inhaler anytime they feel they need to. Therefore, there are fewer times a day when the person would be medicating.

When a doctor (or respiratory therapist) decides what delivery device is appropriate for a patient, they have to take into consideration how well the patient can inhale. If the patient can't take a fast deep breath, then a dry powder inhaler like Advair discus, Flovent discus, or Spiriva would not be effective. If the patient can't operate an inhaler, then a nebulizer would be most appropriate. Nebulizers are normally for short-acting medications like Salbutamol/Albuterol, Atrovent, or Duoneb (a combination of Albuterol and Atrovent). Pulmicort, an inhaled steroid, is available by nebulizer.

The dry powder inhaler is normally long-acting and used only once or twice a day. They are not for rescue. A strong ability to take a fast deep breath is needed for them to work.

An inhaler is probably the fastest and easiest way for patients to give them self medication. It is very portable and reasonably easy to use.

A nebulizer is the least portable and takes the longest for a breathing treatment to be administered. However, for people who are not breathing well, they are the best. Because the length of the treatment is several minutes, the patient gets at least some medication and it is not dependent on co-ordination.
James S
What effect does Combivent have on a breathalizer test?
[email protected]
  Since the medication doesn't contain alcohol, it shouldn't affect a breathalyzer at all. Things such as mouthwash and complications from diabetes are much more likely to cause problems in that area.
what is the best replacement for Combivent? and why can't they bring it out in a container like Ventolin?
peter s
  Combivent is actually the combination of ventolin and atrovent. There is not a replacement for combivent unless you buy ventolin and atrovent seperately. I am not sure what container you are talking about.... but combivent comes in the same forms as ventolin... liquid and inhaler.
Amanda S.
I would like to know if my combivent inhaler cause a false positive on a meth test?
Are Duoneb and Combivent considered rescue inhalers?
  Duoneb by definition is a nebulizer. However, the medication in Duoneb (Albuterol and Atrovent) are indeed fast acting medications. Combivent, which contains the same medications as Duoneb, only in a inhaler (MDI). Yes, Combivent is considered to be a rescue inhaler. Don't forget to use your spacer with your inhaler.
Cow Next Door
Does anyone else have side effects on Combivent?
It makes me very nervous and shakey if taken as ordered by the doctor. It also causes me to be unable to relax and go to sleep.
Nana Lamb
  It is making you shaky due to the albuterol in it . Any medication that had albuterol in some form will due that . especially if your not that severe so you don't take alot of it .I have severe asthma and I have alot of medicine that has albuterol in it and if i have to use more then usual it does this . Makes you feel like you had 2 pots of coffee .Speaking of caffeine if you drinking caffinated sodas or coffee i would wait till you don't feel like this cause caffeine will make it worse . Here is some in for on Combivent so you can see I m also going to include some information on albuteral too since that is one of the main ingredients in to . When using any inhaled medication rinse your mouth out after wards to avoid thrush also . Good luck take care and I hope this helps .
~ Mommy Of 4 ~
Can Combivent inhaler make your throat sore?
I was just put on it, now my throat hurts bad
  Inhaler use can lead to throat problems, which is why they generally recommend rinsing your mouth out after each use.

If rinsing does not help, seek medical advice.
Living Legends. Still Rockin' On!
can combivent inhaler affect a pregnancy test?
i take my inhaler almost everyday atleast 4 times, im 10 days late on my period and have taken two tests that both come up negative. i have a few signs of pregnancy also. if you guys know anything about this inhaler and if it could affect menstrual cycle and/or a pregnancy test id love to hear about it!
OoH mAn <3
  if your inhaler has corticosteroids....than it might have some effects on your metabolism. Im no doctor but you might wanna get it checked up...

answer mine please:;_ylt=AhXPPKtFxSd0t2WhTRiJM27sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090330093945AANJxhN


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